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Firstgreen offers to lease of Energy Storage Systems ( ESS) TO RESORTS IN KENYA

Firstgreen offers leasing of energy storage systems (ESS) to resorts in Kenya

Solar Consultants Firstgreen limited is a leading supplier of Solar+ energy storage solutions in Kenya. We are now offering the solar +DG+ESS systems on lease model to the resort owners and mining companies in Kenya who use costlier Diesel fuel. This not only reduces the operating cost to the consumers but also reduces the CO2 emissions. It is fully silent and has no noise-based environment-friendly solution. The ESS solutions are containerized solutions and can provide power back from 100 kW -1 MW depending on the customer’s needs. With the equipment lease-based options, the upfront high capital cost to the consumers can be avoided. There are several advantages of this solution, some of the key advantages are as follows:

  1. No upfront capital cost to the consumers makes it financially attractive solution
  2. Use of Solar PV+ESS reduces the operating cost to the resort owners and the lease amount can be paid back through the savings only.
  3. It is a noise free solution and reduces the environmental emissions. be carbon free and use the solar solutions.
  4. It reduces your dependency on the Diesel generators and maintenance cost of your DG sets also reduces.

We are proud to offer this solution to consumers in Kenya. there are many resorts in Kenya and other African countries which fully run on Diesel and our offer of Solar+ESS with the Diesel generators can be a highly cost-effective solution to the consumers.

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